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Common Passport Mistakes

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

If you’re traveling abroad, there are tons of passport mistakes that might hold you up at security. Some of these mistakes are easily avoidable, while others might just surprise you!

1. Not checking the expiration date While this seems obvious, it’s also easily overlooked. Ensure your expiration date is far enough in the future because some countries won’t accept passports that will expire in six months!

2. Waiting too long to apply Expedited shipping will cost you $60, and even then it'll take three weeks to receive your new passport.

3. Not correctly filling out the form Luckily the correction process is free for typos made to your passport.

4. Not updating your name after a change Passports don’t automatically update, so when a name change occurs you’ll have to go through the renewal process.

5. Having too many stamps Who knew? Some countries have a requirement for the number of blank pages that travelers must have in their books.

If you plan to travel soon where passports are required, proactivity is your best friend!

Need help in the process? Contact us today for your planning needs!

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